A last will and testament is an important part of estate planning, and while none of us like to think about the end of our lives, we should consider how we will care for our loved ones after we pass on.

In the event of an early passing, you do not want to leave your family confused and even conflicted over what to do with your assets. Yet many adults are never quite sure when to draw a will, and they may reach their 70s and still not have any formal estate planning in place.

At the law offices of Johnson & Gubler, P.C., we help clients of all ages draw up strong wills and plan their estates, so they can have peace of mind. There is no best age for a will so much as ideal times throughout your life, typically after major milestones or major changes to your assets. 

Below are several of the best times to consider contacting a Las Vegas estate planning attorney.

Buying or Selling a Home

Your property is the largest and most valuable asset you have. When you purchase or sell a home, you should consider updating or writing a will to determine how you would like the property to be managed after your passing.

You should also determine what the impact of an inherited house will be on your beneficiaries, and make sure to consult with them before you make any final decisions. While getting a house handed to you may seem like a blessing to many, it can come with unwanted responsibilities some may wish to avoid.

That being said, you should always ensure that any real estate you own is accounted for in your will. You can also transfer responsibility for managing the property by writing a trust with one of our attorneys.

Having a Child

If you have a child, either biologically or through adoption, you should seek out the services of a skilled Las Vegas estate planning attorney as soon as you can. Nothing is more important than making sure your child will be cared for according to your wishes in the unfortunate event of your passing.

A will can protect your assets and ensure that everything you want left to your child is properly managed and protected until they reach the age of majority in Nevada, which is 18.

Marriage or Divorce 

A Las Vegas estate planning attorney can help you manage your wealth and assets after entering a marriage or upon leaving one. A divorce doesn’t revoke a will, but it can cause the document to fall under the rules of intestacy, which come into effect after a person passes away without leaving a will. 

In that case, your other beneficiaries would all have to go through probate court and attempt to get part of your estate. 

Whether you want to add or remove your spouse, manage your estate, or make other adjustments, a great time to do so is after starting or ending a marriage. 

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