Collection Attorney las vegas

While we specialize in bankruptcy cases here at Johnson & Gubler, P.C., we also help people on the opposite side of the spectrum. This means we are dedicated to assisting creditors in collecting what is due to them. We assist all types of problems that creditors are facing with their debt collections. We understand how crucial it is to have your debts collected, most notably for the collections of debt of individuals or small and large business owners who have sought assistance from us. We ensure that we will provide you with a speedy disposition of the trial, with a personal touch to attend to your needs.

What is the process of debt collections? It is a lawsuit, specifically, in Nevada collections law’s purview that falls under the provisions of debtor-creditor laws. The law governs how a person is obligated to pay a sum and has failed to fulfill their obligation.

Our lawyers have notoriously proven their skills and knowledge when it comes to collecting debt, as they have provided effective remedies to our clients for their collections lawsuits as provided under the laws of debtor-creditor collections in Nevada. Our team has been refined through years of study and applying the rules from various litigations we have undergone, making us well-versed in all collections law areas. We specialize in specific cases, including retail collections, commercial collections, and wage garnishment claims.

However, a court judgment is crucial for you to pursue the collection of debts. The court decision is a juridical tie in which obligates the debtor to pay his debts to you. Our collection attorney Las Vegas help creditors claim some money from their debtors within Nevada and domesticate those judgments from other states, and in exceptional cases, even from other countries. In other words, we will be able to pursue a collection of decisions rendered by other states. We are confident to say that our certified collections lawyers are skilled and experienced in handling collections cases.

Contractors can also seek relief from our lawyers when collecting liens due to an unpaid contract. We guide contractors and ensure that the proper procedure of recording a lien is followed to make it valid and enforceable.

Anyone who seeks relief from the courts regarding collection cases, and eventually the courts have rendered judgment, has all the rights in obtaining a court order to have debtors appear in court and respond to the queries regarding the asset’s location. It is known as a “debtor’s examination.”

Contact us to discuss whether our services are right for you. We will give you honest, sage advice. We are among the top law firms in Nevada that practice regularly before the United States Bankruptcy Court. We can advise you as to whether debts owing to you are dischargeable in bankruptcy, or whether you have grounds to except your judgment from being discharged. Whatever your needs, Johnson & Gubler can help you. Contact our office today.