Real Estate Law

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Our real estate attorneys in Johnson & Gubler, P.C., can deal with the various laws and are well-versed in the real estate industry. We know how to apply the pertinent laws to commercial transactions such as construction, development projects, land use, zoning, and other real estate property issues such as your liens and mortgages, to mention a few. Regarding residential real estate, we have already assisted a long list of clients, helping them buy or sell their real estate or avoid losing their homes from foreclosure. On the other hand, for those who don’t own real estate and are just leasing a property, as they are also within the ambits of realty laws, our lawyers can guide and enforce their rights as tenants and protect themselves from unlawful evictions. With the different types of real estate lawyers, it is essential to know who and how to get a specialist to work with you. Luckily, with any real estate problems you have, the lawyers of Johnson & Gubler, P.C., are readily available to help you.

We have decades of commercial and residential real estate experience and are experienced litigators bringing strong negotiation and risk mitigation skills to every transaction. Today, low interest rates and taxes, a relatively stable U.S. economy, and the liquidity and transparency of the domestic real estate market have contributed to an acceleration of activity– including a record amount of foreign investment. We regularly handle real estate transactions in Nevada, Colorado, and Utah

We are able to assist in the following areas necessary and related to real estate and business development:

  • Finding the best location and negotiating the best price
  • Acquiring the property while minimizing legal and business risk
  • Navigating complex regulatory structures
  • Structuring sensible financing
  • Making strategic entity decisions and minimizing tax liability
  • Obtaining necessary permits and licenses for construction and operation
  • Dealing with zoning, restrictive covenants, and encumbrances
  • Finding and enlisting construction, title, and other service providers
  • Preserving anonymity when possible

We can help you choose the best vehicle and posture for owning real estate based on your specific goals. Key considerations typically include the type of property you want to acquire, how long you want to hold it, and the income you expect it to produce.

Perhaps most people nowadays had already engaged with attorney’s services and might have a piece of knowledge or two on some aspects of real estate laws, mainly on most common cases such as selling or buying a commercial or residential property, tenancy issues, title search, and foreclosure litigations. However, the cases mentioned above are only some of the front-end jobs that real estate attorney Las Vegas lawyers can handle. There are legal matters that our specialists address behind the scenes, such as drafting of contracts, mortgages, and deeds; negotiation and bargaining deals and contracts; analyzing your finance options; zoning law issues; administering property and investments in real estate; environmental hazards; and provide legal advice for other real estate matters.

Furthermore, it is important to note that real estate lawyers handle real property matters and not personal property. In other words, real estate lawyers deal with immovable properties, such as land, buildings, improvements on the land, and any other things attached to the soil, including trees and other ornaments. Here at Johnson & Gubler, P.C., our lawyers are also knowledgeable on matters about personal property and would be glad to assist you with it!

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Dealing with real estate transactions is a risky proposition to handle, especially if you don’t know to back you up in engaging in such activities. That is why having a lawyer to guide you during these processes is vital to have a desirable outcome. While selling a property or handling any transactions regarding your real estate might seem like an easy job to do, it is more complicated than you think.

Johnson & Gubler, P.C. would lead you through all your real estate ventures! With years of experience in real estate laws, our firm has already served countless clients through their selling and buying of real estate and commercial transactions and paved the way for them to avoid any legal impediments during their ventures. Call our office today to learn more!