Estate Planning

ESTATE PLanning ATTorney Las vegas

Financial security is one of the most important ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from all the stress that is normally involved.

Possessing a well-tailored estate plan not only guarantees that your family is better prepared for the future, but provides peace of mind and security for yourself as well. Here at Johnson & Gubler P.C, we ensure that our assistance will help you accomplish your individual goals as we carefully and meticulously attend to the particular needs of our client’s life by conceiving an ideal and conclusive plan.

If you become ill or incapacitated estate planning determines: caretaking responsibilities for minor children, personal medical plans that include health care and organ donation designation directives, comprehensive burial instructions, planning and preparation of will/trust indentures, as well as related estate planning documents that specify how your property and assets will be managed, preserved, and distributed.

Lastly, you may customize your estate plan to include all your philanthropic and donation requests. We are professionally skilled lawyers and will help you carry out all your goals because we believe that everyone’s assets warrant a plan. With our guidance, you can maintain family relationships all while preserving your time and resources, even if an undesirable event occurs.

Johnson & Gubler, P.C. has experienced and knowledgeable lawyers when it comes to this matter. If you consider having estate planning, entrust it to the right people. For more concerns regarding our estate planning services, you can contact Johnson & Gubler, P.C. We will be glad to discuss it with you.

Probate ATTorney Las vegas

You might be wondering about the difference between estate planning and Las Vegas probate attorney. Generally, both estate planning and probate lawyer Las Vegas practice the same law field, but they differ in some minor aspects. An estate planning lawyer works with a living client and provides a plan for them to administer their assets in the future in case of death. It includes the preparation of wills, trusts, and other significant documents for estate planning. A probate lawyer, on the other hand, handles the estate of a deceased person. However, a deceased person’s asset who hasn’t made a will undergoes a similar administration process. Administration only differs from probate proceedings because of the absence of a will.

To make things clear regarding probate proceedings, we will explain what the matter is all about. Probate is the legal process used to run through the estate of a deceased person. The court supervises the probate hearings and authenticates the last will made by the deceased person. Generally, it is the process of validating the will, litigations of will disputes, making an inventory of all the assets of the person who died, determining the asset’s value and allocating it on his liabilities, debts, and taxes, and distributing the remainder of the estate to the heirs and other beneficiaries.

Relieve yourself from the legal processes’ complexity and let our certified lawyers who are experts in estate planning and probate proceedings handle it for you. Call Johnson & Gubler, P.C. now!