Guardianships and Adoptions

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The appointment of a guardian in a guardianship proceeding may very well become necessary to protect an elderly or incapacitated person’s rights. Normally, in guardianship proceedings, the court will appoint a Guardian, who has very special rights and duties involving another (ward or protected person). These rights and responsibilities include financial, legal and other personal matters. This will become an option if there are no suitable protective alternatives that exist.

Our attorneys can help through this process by educating you on the appropriate measures required for this action. Guardianships are most commonly represented among children. However, they do occur in matters involving elderly individuals as well. In case of an emergency, such as the passing of a parent or the inability to care for their child, obtaining a guardianship may appear imperative. Several guardianship agreements suggest either long-term or short-term responsibilities until a parent can resume their care of a child as determined by a court, or until the child is of legal age to no longer require guardianship. When the elderly fall victim to an ailment or condition in which they lack the ability to care for themselves, their physical and financial responsibilities may need to be governed and established by a guardian.

Having a legal plan in advance guarantees the likelihood of appointing a trustworthy guardianship for either yourself or your loved ones, all for which our team of lawyers can help prepare you.