Personal Injury

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Accidents can be a situation that no one anticipated to happen. However, just because you never want it to happen, that doesn’t mean no one would be held liable. If you have been involved in an accident and have been injured, or a loved one has died as a result of someone’s negligence or recklessness, then you are eligible to receive indemnification either from a personal injury lawsuit or a third-party insurance claim. No matter what course of action you would choose to go through, we can be your personal injury attorney to guide you. Here at Johnson & Gubler, P.C., we have the experience in personal injury cases to help bring you the most favorable outcome possible.

So what is a personal injury? It is a law field, that aims to help the victims receive compensation from physical and emotional damages that might have left a significant impact on their lives and other pecuniary losses that the negligence or recklessness of a person had caused.

How can Johnson & Gubler, P.C. lawyers help you? The persons involved in an accident would most likely try to settle the issue without involving court litigations or choose to follow a process otherwise known as ADR or Alternative Dispute Resolution. And during this settlement, you need a lawyer around to advise you if the agreement is a fair deal. During ADR, you would need to face insurance companies that are often backed up by a group of legal advisers, who are also well-versed with the laws. Going there alone would often result in an undesirable situation, providing you with a settlement amount that is too low to compensate for your injuries and financial losses. However, if you have our personal injury attorney Las Vegas from our firm, we will find ways to provide you with the best possible deal we can get!

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Although most of our personal injury claims wouldn’t reach a point that the courts will get involved, if we could not agree during the pre-trial settlement, Johnson & Gubler, P.C., will be ready to take the appropriate steps and face the other party in court. However, there are instances that when the trial is approaching, the opposing party shall try to settle it fairly. That is why we will aggressively enforce your right to be given the justice that you deserve. If we have exhausted all the possible means, our seasoned courtroom lawyers will be armed and ready and provide all the tenable arguments and convince the judge through their mastery in the laws’ construction and application. We would plead not only for the damages, expenses, and pain caused by the accident, but also for punitive damages as compensation for their delay in compensating you, which could result in emotional distress. We cannot bring you back to the time before the accident happened, but we will ensure that your sufferings are compensated with the monetary damages for you to have a fresh start. We are the personal injury attorney Las Vegas NV needs and we have the experience you are looking for. With Johnson & Gubler, P.C., we will let those at fault pay their dues and get the justice that you deserve! Call us today to discuss your options.