HOA Disputes

We help with disagreements between your community or your Homeowners’ Association (HOA).

Living under an arbitrary homeowners association will reveal little power you feel to have or a lack thereof when it comes down to legal issues that may arise against you. Our team of lawyers will gladly represent you on the occasion that this situation occurs, which should be handled properly and efficiently.

HOA’s can be challenging or even uncompromising at times as HOAs have their legal entity. The decision to live in an HOA community suggests acknowledging someone else’s regulations regarding your property  an encounter that can make homeowners feel anywhere between comfortable or frustrated by the rules they must abide by to live in their community. Upon reviewing your HOA contract, if you have paid unsubstantiated fines then we’ll take over on any legal matters involving the dispute at hand. Homeowners and homeowner associates are both are required to comply with HOA contracts. If an HOA fails to uphold shared resources, rectify properties in a reasonable time frame, or fulfill other commitments conveyed in your contract, you possess the ability to hire one of our lawyers to best represent you. Amid becoming a homeowner in a strict HOA community, working with one of our lawyers can help you identify and ultimately advise you on legal caveats before residing in a community.

We can better help you navigate your current predicament and all other disputes. In the past, our firm has represented homeowners and homeowner associations before the Nevada Real Estate Division, we’ve resolved numerous financial and nonfinancial disputes regarding HOA’s in the past, and we will gladly help you with yours